Should You Digitise Your Business Documents?

Do you have an office of boxes filled with paper? Are your filing cabinets overflowing? Then now might be the right time to digitise your business documents. Transferring all of your important business documentation into digital form can help to boost your security and make your business more efficient by saving time and money.

In this article, we take a look at what the benefits are of digitising your business documents and examine whether now is the time for your business to go digital.

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One of the most valuable assets that a business can now own is data, and so it is vital that you keep this safe. If you have files full of documents containing personal data, financial information or even medical records, then these are all incredibly important as well as vulnerable.

Not only is it possible for these documents to be easily lost, but they can also all disappear overnight in the event of a fire or flood. They are also easily stolen by people from outside of the business or working within it. Should data that you hold fall into the wrong hands, you can be liable for hefty penalties as well as significant reputational damage.

By digitising your documents, you can make sure that they are kept much more securely. Storing them electronically means that they can be protected from physical disasters, and encryption and password security ensures that you can have strict controls over who is able to access any particular type of document. This means that all of the data that you hold is much safer, protecting those that you work with as well as your own business.


When you want to find a document, it can take minutes or even hours to find if you have to sift through endless files and boxes to find it. By digitising your documents, you can make sure that they are all accessible at the touch of a button.

You will be able to work out better ways to organise your files, and search functions can all make it much easier to find the thing that you want in seconds, ensuring that everyone in your business is able to spend their time much more efficiently.

Space saving

You can save thousands or even millions of documents on a single hard drive, but housing this much paperwork can take up vast amounts of space. Many offices have dedicated whole rooms just to providing a home for all of the documents that they hold, meaning they are often paying for space that they do not really need.

Moving all of your documents to a digital format can save a lot of physical space, allowing you to do more with the space that you have, or even downsize to something more affordable.

Paper free

Many businesses are now making the move to be more sustainable, but this is difficult to achieve if you are still keeping everything on paper. Not only are there reams of paper to think about, but also the polluting chemicals contained within your printer ink. Becoming a paperless workplace means that you will be working your way through much less paper and ink, which will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also your costs as well.

Digitising your documents can look like a formidable task, but there are now fantastic businesses who are able to complete this all for you. They are able to scan, save and organise every document that you have, saving you time and money and putting you in the position to run a more secure, organised and spacious office.

Digitise your documents with Rads

Here at Rads Storage, we  provide a range of document scanning services that are tailored to exactly what you need, taking into account any requirements that you and your business may have. If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us today and our friendly team will be on hand to help.