Take a look at our frequently asked questions for further information about RADS and the various effective services that we provide to all of our clients.

Box Referencing

Do you use security tagging?

Yes, we can provide you with a closed and secure system by security tagging the tamper proof storage boxes. This means that you don’t have to worry about anybody else accessing the information within your confidential documents.

What referencing systems can you offer?

As well as offering full archive management and open box file retrieval to our customers, we also offer a custom referencing system on a client by client basis. After collecting your documents, we create electronic copies of them and give them their own unique reference for your own simple referencing system.

Do you keep track of my boxes?

We use a unique management system that allows us to track each individual box, providing us with relevant information such as its history. We track the movements of each box so that we know exactly where our customers’ documents are at all times.

Confidential Destruction

What happens to the materials you destroy?

The items we destroy are cross-shredded, bailed and recycled for use in toilet paper and other recyclable items. All items are destroyed and recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

What else can you destroy?

We can also destroy other items such as plastic, polythene, scanboard and clothing.

Can you destroy electronic media?

Yes we can destroy electronic media such as DVD's and CDs including the packaging as well as electronic storage devices such as memory sticks and hard drives.

What types of document can you destroy?

We can destroy all types of paper and cardboard, including baled, loose in cages or palletised documents. We can also destroy all types of books including hardbacks and magazines.

Distribution Services

Is your distribution service successful?

Yes, our distribution service is very successful and effective for clients that we work with. We have managed NCSL publication materials since 2005 and have overseen a rapid rate of growth, developing innovative ways to adapt our service to their requirements.

Where do you store everything?

We have numerous places to store materials and objects, such as in boxes within our archive depots or on pallets within our open store rooms. We provide high security of everything that we store, with CCTV and protective measures in place.

What does your distribution process consist of?

We utilise a very unique stock management system and distribution process so that we can be sure to meet all requirements set by our clients, providing an effective and efficient service for all customers.

Document Scanning

Can I request additional disks in the future?

We retain electronic PDF files of your documents for 6 months after the process is complete, meaning that you are able to request additional disks should you require them.

What happens to my documents after the scanning process is complete?

We are able to return your documents for free with our fleet of vehicles, store them at our secure premises or confidentially destroy them, depending on which option you would prefer to take.

Do you provide digital copies of the documents?

Yes, we scan your documents and electronically store them, giving you digital access to all of your documents. This is a great way of saving time, giving you a quick and simple way of accessing the information within the documents, without having to look through various other documents whilst trying to find what you are looking for.

Do I need to prepare my documents for scanning?

No, our fully managed process includes the preparation of your documents. Once we have transported them to our secure premises, we will prepare them for scanning, removing all paper clips and staples.

What types of document can I scan?

We offer document scanning of any size of paper from A5 to A0, which also includes any type of document and double sided documents.

Document Storage

Is there a minimum contract length?

The minimum length of time for storage is 6 months

Is there an upward limit to the number of boxes or files I can store?

No, there is no limit, you can store as many boxes as required. We pride ourselves on being able to offer customers unlimited expandable storage space.

How easy is it to retrieve a file or box that has been archived?

Very easy, all we require is a phone call or email to let us know what you want to retrieve. All archived documents will have their own unique reference number to make it easy to retrieve files quickly and efficiently.

Is there a minimum number of documents I have to store with you?

No, the minimum is just 1 box, which can contain as many or as few documents as you required.

Can I get same day delivery?

Yes, 24/7 same day delivery is available in emergency situations.

Do you have to use Rads boxes?

No you can use your own boxes, however the box needs to be in good condition and must include a lid. We recommend using Rads boxes as they have been designed to specifically fit on our shelving units, which can save storage space when compared to using other boxes.