Established since 1993, RADS provides fantastic document management services to businesses within Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Our great range of services includes document storage, document scanning and document shredding, all of which help to improve the work environment and the way in which the business can operate.

We work with all different types of documents and data, with our professional team very experienced in handling such material with great care.

We take a flexible approach to the work that we do, creating last relationships with each and every one of our clients, particularly by meeting their requirements to help benefit their business in the very best way possible.

Document Shredding Peterborough

Businesses have a number of different projects and customers over the years, with projects ending and customers leaving a very normal occurrence. As time passes, it is necessary for the business to destroy these documents, particularly so that the information within the documents cannot be found and used by the wrong people.

Why Choose RADS?

  • accreditationWe are ISO9001 accredited, fully comply with the Data Protection Act and all our staff are CRB checked.
  • All document shredding is completed securely and only those authorised will confidentially destroy the documents.
  • Your documents are now very safe, easily accessible and available 24/7 and you also have more space available for functional cash generating activity.

What are the benefits of using our services?

  • Create more space in your office
  • Save money with our free document return and collection
  • Remote document storage reduces theft and security risks

5 Facts on Document Shredding

Is your Peterborough business aware of these 5 facts on secure document shredding?

  1. Paper shredding protects your business

As documents are destroyed beyond reconstruction you can be rest assured that no confidential information can land in the wrong hands. This also ensures GDPR compliance.

  1. The type of shredder matters

A shredder reduces paper into 3mm by 9mm pieces and this makes documents impossible to reconstruct. However, some shredders just cut the document into long strips which can be recreated.

  1. You can shred more than just paper

Businesses don’t just shred paper, you can also shred old hard drives, sim cards, USB sticks, bank cards and disks. These items will be destroyed beyond repair and help your business declutter.

  1. Outsourced shredding is cost effective

You wont need to buy, run and maintain shredding equipment and no staff time will be wasted standing at a shredder all day. We can take this hassle off you so you can continue to complete day to day tasks.

  1. Improved recycling

As paper is destroyed into small pieces, this actually makes recycling paper easier and faster. This means that paper shredding creates a positive environmental impact and encourages sustainability in all industries.

Document shredding Peterborough is a fantastic service that can help to prevent this, whereby we collect your documents for free and our professional team of experts will destroy the documents by using tested techniques. Once we have received written instruction from you via a pre approved contract, we can begin the document shredding process and ensure that any sensitive information is properly destroyed.

Many businesses benefit from our document Shredding Peterborough service, which helps them to fulfill their duties with minimal effort from their side, in the knowledge that we have professionally destroyed all of the documents.

Want to find out more? Get in touch by phone, email or through out contact form to discuss further our document shredding in Peterborough.

Document Scanning Peterborough

RADS provide a fantastic document scanning service that helps to create a more organised working space for businesses, as well as improving the way in which it operates.

We help your business to develop into a company that uses digital documents and data within their work, making it much quicker to find what you are looking for when compared to searching through various other documents.

Our specialist team will collect your documents and proceed to digitise them by using developed scanning technology, before returning, storing or destroying your documents, depending on what you would like us to do. Document scanning Peterborough is a very good service that we provide to businesses within the area, providing great benefits to them and helping to take their business to the next level.

Want to find out more? Get in touch by phone, email or through out contact form to discuss further our document scanning in Peterborough.

Document Storage Peterborough

Many businesses use paper based documents every day for their business operations, and so over time it can become very difficult for the business to find enough space to store them in an organised and practical way.

How do we store your documents?

  • Documents are secure in our double-gated, CCTV monitored base.
  • We use flame retardant boxes to store away documents
  • Our secure fleets transport documents to and from our base
  • Paperwork is bar-coded so we can locate documents with ease, should you wish to retrieve them.

Document storage Peterborough is a service that includes free collection of the documents and storage of them in our secure, CCTV monitored premises. When storing your documents, we use flame retardant boxes that have been specially designed to be stored in an organised way at our base, providing fantastic protection to all of your documents.

As well as this, we use our very own unique management system to track each individual box, knowing the location and related details of the box at a moment’s notice.

We are very passionate about delivering a great customer service to all of our clients, implementing our fantastic services very effectively, meeting all of their requirements.

If you would like further information about our services, please request a quote or if you have any questions and would like to find out more on how our document storage services in Peterborough can benefit your business, please contact us.


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Why Choose RADS

Secure and Reliable

Secure and Reliable

We offer a secure and reliable service to all of our clients, backed by many years of experience in the document storage industry.

Fast Process

Fast Process

We provide a fast and efficient service with easy document retrieval, free collection and free next day delivery.

Trust Worthy

Trust Worthy

Our quality assurance policies and professional accreditations mean that you can trust us to keep your documents safe and secure.

Free Boxes!

Free Boxes!

Fill in an online quote request and we will send you some free storage boxes so you can see the quality of our boxes for yourself.

Our Document Solutions

Document Storage

Document Storage

We can provide secure document storage for your documents, with the use of a comprehensive tracking system. Through the use of barcoded boxes, we are able to quickly identify each individual box and track all relevant information about the box that your documents are stored within.

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Document Scanning

Document Scanning

By using a digital archive, your documents can be scanned and digitally stored with maximum security. With experience of working with various different data types and microfiche, your data can also be stored in a highly secure and environmentally controlled vault at our premises.

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Document Shredding

Document Shredding

After acquiring written instruction via a pre-approved contract, we have the capabilities to destroy your unwanted, confidential documents in a secure and precise manner. All of our confidential document destruction is conducted in a professional and environmentally friendly way.

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Box Referencing System

Box Referencing System

In order to retrieve documents easily, we have developed unique box referencing system. Our custom box referencing system makes managing our inventory of storage boxes much easier and allows us to retrieve documents quickly and efficiently.

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Distribution Services

Distribution Services

We have a range of professional distribution services that allow our clients to store bulk orders, for us to then part ship them to various different areas of the UK. With a unique process for stock management and distribution, we can cater our excellent service to any requirements.

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Buy Storage Boxes

Cardboard Storage Boxes

We offer you the ability to purchase our specially designed storage boxes, created with strong and durable materials for added protection. Our extensively tested storage boxes are also flame retardant for maximum security when storing sensitive and important documents.

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