Value of Data Tape Backup Proved by Cyber Security Risks

Data tape backup has been an effective way of securely storing information for many years, and due to recent scares relating to cyber security, they are proven to still have their place in business as we know it. Despite cloud storage solution companies offering a fantastic service for the easy yet secure storage of your data, hackers and attackers are becoming much wiser to the cloud and are creating ways to target cloud solution providers.

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What are The Risks of choosing a Cloud Backup Solution?

Complete Protection of Data

The overall security that can be provided by cloud providers is often not all that it seems, with the ability to get into cloud based systems easier than in recent times. Advancements in technology and increases in knowledge have meant that potential attackers are now more equipped than ever, putting the protection of your data into question. For businesses that require certain ultimate protection for the backup of their data, data tape backups are a viable option, particularly when working together with a remote document storage company.

Attacks on Big Name Companies

Many businesses choose to use the cloud backup solutions that are provided by big brands, such as Amazon and Google. On the face of it, using such popular brands that have teams of experts and that are notorious for providing fantastic services may seem like an obvious choice; however it may not be the very best idea.

Due to the reputation of these businesses and the millions of customers on their books, they may well be ideal targets for hackers as there is a chance that they will have access to customer information on a much wider scale. By suffering such attacks, not only is there a chance that your business and customer data can be stolen and placed into hands of the wrong people, but it can also mean that your own access and usage of the data can be disrupted. This could damage your reputation and have a hugely negative impact upon the running of your business, meaning that your sales and numbers of customers could suffer as a result of this.

Entering into the Unknown

When choosing a cloud based backup solution, businesses may seem to be left in the dark about the storage of the data, allowing their cloud provider to take full control and responsibility for the protection of the data. As a result of this, if there are any threats to their data, businesses won’t be able to take any immediate action that they need to, simply because they may not be aware of anything that is happening.

The Reliability of Data Tape Backup Solutions

The initial plus point for a data tape option is the fact that they are based offline, and so any threats that are associated with online cloud solutions and targeted attacks by hackers are immediately removed. As an addition to this through choosing to store the data tapes in secure offsite storage facilities, they are completely out of the reach of anybody that may attempt to get to them for negative reasons.

This method of storing data is usually used alongside other online data storage options, with the data tapes in place as a final backup to the data. If the online methods were breached and data was lost or damaged, the data tapes would be in place to restore the data.

Although using a data tape backup solution can be a more time costly method in terms of the time it takes to retrieve the data, they are a much better way of storing the data. The longer retrieval times only support the reliability that is associated with data tape backups, proving to be an obstacle for any intruders that did try to access the data.

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