Working with you, through Covid-19

During the events of Covid-19, like many businesses we have had to adapt to ensure our on-going services are still available to our customers, without compromising on quality and efficiency.

Currently we are still continuing with urgent requests and daily routines and tasks for those customers in the Healthcare industry.

To ensure we can continue to carry out our normal tasks, our drivers are equipped with hand sanitizer, facemasks and gloves as well as maintaining the 2 metre distance set out by Government regulations. This ensures we can continue to collect and deliver documents in a safe, hygienic manner.

Some Good News

Recently, we have had the pleasure of helping out the NHS by providing 1000 free archive boxes, which have been used to package PPE and food throughout the Trust. Our drivers have also been involved in delivering these supplies for no charge, to lend an extra helping hand.

We also want to thank Nottinghamshire Healthcare for sending us a big thank you, but we want to thank you and every member of the NHS for everything they have done through these difficult times.