When working within the financial sector; data protection and the management of sensitive information is a key aspect of the way in which a business works.

Ensuring that personal information doesn’t get into the wrong hands is an important issue for businesses to consider, particularly because personal details can be used in malicious ways, such as using it for fraud or other negative reasons.

The benefits of our financial document management services

  • Receive 10 free boxes when you enquire!
  • Documents are handled carefully & stored in flame retardant boxes
  • Save your business money with our free document return & collection
  • You’re given easy access your documents for quick retrieval at a moments notice

Financial Document Storage

Here at RADS, we can provide secure and organised financial document storage to your business that means that you don’t have to worry about the security and safe storage of your client information and data.

How do we store your documents?

  • Our financial document storage service has added security through the use of our bespoke tracking system.
  • Barcoded boxes allows us to track each individual box and quickly gather all relevant details about the box.
  • Our boxes are fire retardent and scientifically produced in order to provide maximum security and protection to the documents that are stored within them.

If you would like to find out more about our financial document storage service, please get in touch with our team today by phone, email or through our contact form.

Financial Document Scanning

We also have a fantastic financial document scanning and storage service that can digitalise customer data and other information, providing you with digital copies and securely storing or confidentially destroying your business documents and various types of data.

Having scanned and digitised your documents, we give you easy access to the data so that you can easily retrieve it at a moments notice, something that is often needed within the financial sector.

If your business was to have important documents in paper form alone, it may take you too long to find the document that you need, if you are able to locate it at all.

If you would like to find out more about our financial document scanning service, please get in touch with our team today by phone, email or through our contact form.

Financial Document Shredding and Destruction

Our financial document shredding service that we provide for businesses is often a good way for companies within the financial sector to destroy unwanted documents or any personal information from past customers.

To comply with the data protection act, you as an organisation are required to dispose of customer documents that have personal or sensitive information on them. We are able to assist you with this as our professional and experienced team use a variety of techniques to securely and confidentially destroy your unwanted financial documents, as part of our financial document shredding service.

Having worked within the industry for many years, we have great experience of working with businesses within the financial sector. Therefore, as part our financial document shredding service, we are able to work with a number of relevant documents including:

  • Personal Customer Information
  • Identification Documents
  • Insurance Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Invoices and Receipts
  • Credit Agreements
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Tax Returns

We have a great team of professional individuals that are carefully selected, further ensuring the safety and security of your documents.

If you would like to find out more information about any of our financial shredding and destruction services or would like to know how we could help your business, please contact us.

Why use remote document management for Financial documents?

When operating in the financial sector ensuring the safe storage of sensitive documents is paramount to ensure that documents don’t get lost or stolen. Our secure financial document storage removes the worry of having to protect client data.

Furthermore, as with all our document storage services, your financial documents are stored in flame retardant boxes and monitored around the clock to ensure that all your sensitive data is sufficiently protected.

In order to comply with data protection laws all old and out dated documents need to be destroyed sufficiently and securely. Our financial document shredding service is a good way to dispose of unwanted data and ensures that clients’ sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Furthermore, all of our shredded waste is fully recycled and made into other useful objects.

Financial document scanning is an eco friendly way of accessing all of your financial documents and, often, removing the need for paper can make documents more secure as they can be backed up regularly. In addition, having a digitalised system allows for the quick and easy retrieval of documents should you require them for a customer or client.

Our Document Solutions

Document Storage

Document Storage

We can provide secure document storage for your documents, with the use of a comprehensive tracking system. Through the use of barcoded boxes, we are able to quickly identify each individual box and track all relevant information about the box that your documents are stored within.

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Document Scanning

Document Scanning

By using a digital archive, your documents can be scanned and digitally stored with maximum security. With experience of working with various different data types and microfiche, your data can also be stored in a highly secure and environmentally controlled vault at our premises.

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Document Shredding

Document Shredding

After acquiring written instruction via a pre-approved contract, we have the capabilities to destroy your unwanted, confidential documents in a secure and precise manner. All of our confidential document destruction is conducted in a professional and environmentally friendly way.

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Box Referencing System

Box Referencing System

In order to retrieve documents easily, we have developed unique box referencing system. Our custom box referencing system makes managing our inventory of storage boxes much easier and allows us to retrieve documents quickly and efficiently.

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Distribution Services

Distribution Services

We have a range of professional distribution services that allow our clients to store bulk orders, for us to then part ship them to various different areas of the UK. With a unique process for stock management and distribution, we can cater our excellent service to any requirements.

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Buy Storage Boxes

Buy Storage Boxes

We offer you the ability to purchase our specially designed storage boxes, created with strong and durable materials for added protection. Our extensively tested storage boxes are also flame retardant for maximum security when storing sensitive and important documents.

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