Universities, schools and colleges are home to an abundance of personal records and documents regarding staff and students.

These documents not only include basic details of students and staff but they may also include delicate matters such as medical information. If these school records are not organised, stored and destroyed properly, documents may become lost, damaged or outdated.

In the case that educational records become outdated, universities or schools may be at risk of breaking the law under the new GDPR which came into force as of 25th of May 2018.

How can our document management service benefit your university?

  • Create a more organised space for staff and students by remotely storing paperwork
  • Store spare marketing materials, we’ll collect and return your documents for free!
  • Digitise paperwork and document to view, receive and transfer much faster.
  • Data not just on paper? We can destroy a range of materials from CD’s to plastic.

University Document Storage & Management

Our university document storage service is ISO 9001 accredited and fully complies with the Data Protection Act, we process documents and records efficiently and properly to the correct standards.

How do we store your university documents?

  • Documents are secure in our special grade, flame retardant boxes.
  • Your documents will be archived and bar-coded, so should you need to request a particular document in the future, we can access our database tracking system and identify particular items, records and documents with ease.
  • Your documents will be stored in our highly secure 80,000 sq ft facility, which has 24 hour monitored CCTV surveillance, fireproof vaults and alarm systems.

Rads Document Storage can help you organise and store all types of records within the university and educational sector. We appreciate there are times throughout the year where personal data comes through thick and fast, this may include applications from students, which may also lead to extra marketing material for events such as Freshers’ Week.

We can store your spare marketing material in our warehouse where it will stay safe and secure. We can store all types of school records and documents which are otherwise taking up space within an office or store room.

If you would like to find out more regarding our university document storage and management service, feel free to contact our team by phone, email or simply fill in our contact form.

University Document Scanning

Aside from storing university records, we can also digitise your documents by scanning them. We turn your records into high quality PDF’s, giving you the ability to access them much quicker.

Scanning school records and documents will create more office space as you remove the piles of paper documents, which are now accessible from your computer.

Our university document scanning service is capable of scanning high volumes of documents that may need to be sent out to hundreds of emails.

This may include:

  • Application forms
  • Enrolment packages and acceptance letters
  • Marketing material

Whatever your requirement, we can scan and produce high quality digital versions of your document, quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to find out more regarding our university document scanning service, feel free to contact our team by phone, email or simply fill in our contact form.

University Document Shredding and Destruction

Due to the sensitivity of particular university documents surrounding students and staff, records will be required after some time to be shredded and/or destroyed properly.

Our school document shredding service destroys paper records securely and precisely by our professional team who work under the latest standards and who are all CRB checked.

We can also safely shred and destroy materials and other types of documents which may be found within the education sector that are not longer required. We ensure all items are disposed of and recycled properly. Here are just some of the items we have experience in shredding and destroying:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Cardboard
  • CD’s and DVD’s
  • Plastic

If you would to take advantage of our university document shredding and destruction services and create a space free from un-organised papers, contact our team today for more information on how our document management for schools, colleges and universities can benefit your business.

Why should the Education sector use external storage services for their documents?

With the increasing number of students enrolling at universities the amount of paperwork is increasing and the need for storage is increasing with it.

Our university document storage organises data to reduce the risks of it being lost and frees up more space for students and professors to work. Our storage services are also suitable for universities to store excess marketing materials which we can collect and deliver for free, as and when they are required.

Changes to the data protection laws also affect how long universities can store sensitive data and ensuring it is destroyed when it is no longer needed is a huge responsibility. Our university document shredding ensures that documents are sufficiently destroyed when they are no longer needed and removes the need to worry about documents that need to be destroyed and if they have been destroyed properly.

Scanning and digitalising documents can be highly beneficial for a university as it helps prevent the loss of important documents and going paperless can help boost a university’s reputation. Our university document scanning service means that data can be located and retrieved quickly and easily when it is required and therefore removes the process of having to frantically search for various pieces of paperwork.

Our Document Solutions

Document Storage

Document Storage

We can provide secure document storage for your documents, with the use of a comprehensive tracking system. Through the use of barcoded boxes, we are able to quickly identify each individual box and track all relevant information about the box that your documents are stored within.

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Document Scanning

Document Scanning

By using a digital archive, your documents can be scanned and digitally stored with maximum security. With experience of working with various different data types and microfiche, your data can also be stored in a highly secure and environmentally controlled vault at our premises.

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Document Shredding

Document Shredding

After acquiring written instruction via a pre-approved contract, we have the capabilities to destroy your unwanted, confidential documents in a secure and precise manner. All of our confidential document destruction is conducted in a professional and environmentally friendly way.

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Box Referencing System

Box Referencing System

In order to retrieve documents easily, we have developed unique box referencing system. Our custom box referencing system makes managing our inventory of storage boxes much easier and allows us to retrieve documents quickly and efficiently.

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Distribution Services

Distribution Services

We have a range of professional distribution services that allow our clients to store bulk orders, for us to then part ship them to various different areas of the UK. With a unique process for stock management and distribution, we can cater our excellent service to any requirements.

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Buy Storage Boxes

Buy Storage Boxes

We offer you the ability to purchase our specially designed storage boxes, created with strong and durable materials for added protection. Our extensively tested storage boxes are also flame retardant for maximum security when storing sensitive and important documents.

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