Document Scanning for Medical & Healthcare Sectors

The medical and healthcare sector is a fast paced industry that requires time, patience, efficiency and sees professionals handling sensitive data throughout the entirety of their working day. Patient information and records are essential to the way in which medical & healthcare organizations operate.

From doctors’ offices and GP’s to hospitals, our experience with medical and healthcare sector businesses means that we are aware of the range of regulations that are to be met by the business. We tailor our healthcare document storage services to organise, scan, digitise or destroy medical & healthcare documents in a controlled area that meets certain standards, ensuring sensitive documents regarding patients and staff are secure and easily accessible when required.

At RADS we provide a helpful medical and healthcare document management service which allows for GP’s, doctors surgeries and hospitals to organise, scan, digitise or destroy medial documents in a controlled area that meets certain standards, ensuring sensitive documents regarding patients and staff are secure and easily accessible when required. We tailor our medical and healthcare document shredding services to you to make it easier for you to comply with such regulations.

Information and data kept within the medical and healthcare sector is very sensitive. Confidential and secure medical & healthcare document shredding service is required to destroy documents that are no longer needed.

We are able to offer this as a fully professional service to your organisation upon written instruction, as well as part of the document scanning service that you may wish to use.

The documents that we have previous experience of working with include:

  • Patient health records
  • Medical records
  • Registrations of birth
  • X-Rays and scans
  • PCT records

Destroying confidential information isn’t just important from a retention point of view but also an employee point of view. Very often information breaches can occur from employee error or employees who longer work within the organisation.

Did you know, 67% of UK Healthcare organisations experienced some form of cyber security incident in 2019 – ComputerWeekly

Data that is passed around email and through employee accounts which is then accessed through unauthorised personnel can cause huge issues. Destroying personal documents both physically and electronically is important to avoid such breaches.

Why choose to have your medical records digitised?

Having medical documents and records digitised can help to keep patient records and other sensitive documents organised and secure, without the need to spend time searching through hundreds of paper documents.

Our medical record scanning service includes a range of options for you to manage your documents efficiently. We use modern technology to digitise your medical documents into a high quality PDF file. You will also be given a data disk that holds all of your documents and records.

Once the medical document scanning service has been completed, we can deliver the hard copies back to you, or you can take advantage of our medical document storage or shredding service.

The benefits of our medical & healthcare records document management service

We understand there are a range of regulations that are to be met within the medical sector and so we can tailor our medical and healthcare records management services to suit you and the regulations that you need to comply with. As the government look to create a paperless NHS by 2020, digitising, storing or shredding medical documents is the first step to achieving this.

Having electronic versions of medical records and healthcare documents can not only save time for staff but also save cost in the long run.

Our medical and healthcare document scanning service enables you to have less paper documentation around your working area, freeing up some space within your office. This involves scanning your documents and giving you access to them digitally, which in turn means that more focus can be on patients and work, rather than looking for documents or worrying about being able to store them correctly.

  • You’ll receive 10 free boxes when you enquire with us.
  • Free up office space with less paper and unused documents.
  • Receive free document collection and return.
  • Access your documents in digital format.

There will come a time when certain healthcare and medical documents or records have to be destroyed and there are several ways this can be done efficiently.

We operate in a secure environment where our medical healthcare document scanning service is completed to certain standards, ensuring sensitive documents and information remains safe during the shredding process.

To ensure medical and healthcare documents are shredded and destroyed properly, they are taken through several processes which are environmentally friendly.

Storing medical and healthcare documents off-site can be highly beneficial to businesses in the medical and healthcare sector. Our medical record storage service allows you to store documents away from the workplace and can free up space in medical practices that can often become cluttered with paperwork.

Here at RADS we also understand that confidentiality is paramount and we ensure that all medical and healthcare documents are stored securely and monitored throughout the day.

The new data protection laws are likely to have an affect on the medical and healthcare sector as it is often necessary to collect large amounts of personal and sensitive data and disposing of it can become difficult.

Helping you, when you need it most

Life can be unpredictable and when Nottinghamshire Healthcare needed a helping hand, our team were there to provide support through a difficult period.

We want to reassure our customers, that safety is our top priority. To ensure we can continue our daily tasks and requests, all of our drivers are equipped with hand sanitizer, facemasks, and gloves. They will also continue to social distance as per the Government regulations. This ensures we can continue to collect and deliver documents in a safe, hygienic manner.

Our medical and healthcare document scanning service helps to create an environment where there is less paper being used, freeing up space within your office as well as helping to prevent documents becoming lost or damaged.

  • Remote document storage can create more space in your organisation.
  • You can save money with our free document collection and return service.
  • Digital copies of documents can help to keep patient records and other sensitive documents organised and secure.
  • Conscious of the environment? Our document shredding service is environmentally friendly.

Free up space in the office and save costs with our reliable and secure medical document scanning service. Contact us today by phone, email or through our contact form for more information.

Medical Record Shredding

Safely destroy expired and unwanted medical records. Our medical record shredding service is done so professionally to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to personal and private data.

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Medical Record Storage

Our medical record storage service is ideal for storing archived paperwork which may be taking up valuable space in your office. You can rest assured documents are stored in our safe and secure premises, which is monitored 24/7.

Medical Record Storage

For more information about our medical document management services that we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more details.


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